BDDiaspora’s aim is to create a site to tell the stories of and bring together the educated, professional segment of the international Bangladeshi diaspora. It is a group whose unique experiences of forging complex, global identities are rarely told either in the mainstream media of their adopted countries or in the media produced from their ethnic communities, which have a predominant first generation and nostalgic focus.

Their challenges are at the forefront of what it means to be a modern, global citizen and will have universal appeal.

It is a community and culture that can be conformist and reluctant to be open about their experiences which can hamper social improvement.

There is also a large group of interested people who are similarly connected through either marriage, friendships or their work. The site will aim to give them a voice too.

As part of providing a forum to bring together these groups, it will have a parallel aim to create an enthusiastic community to help the development of Bangladesh. The difficulties of Bangladeshi development reflect the most pressing international challenges, whether it is extremism, climate change or corruption.   This may occur financially, through providing skills or through lobbying as well fostering activist tourism, exchange programs and networking.